musical instrument

(Roget's IV) n. Types of musical instruments include: lyre, bell, tubular bells, chimes, pipes of Pan, flute, piccolo, flageolet, oboe, clarinet, licorice stick*, alto clarinet, bass clarinet, A clarinet, E-flat clarinet, B-flat clarinet, bassoon, contrabassoon, fife, bagpipe, ocarina, sweet potato*, trombone, bazooka, French horn, English horn, basset horn, tuba, baritone, sousaphone, helicon, cornet, trumpet, flugelhorn, alpenhorn, saxophone, virginal, dulcimer, spinet, harpsichord, harmonica, Hammer Klavier (German), piano, clavichord, organ, pipe organ, reed organ, mouth organ, Jew's harp, harp, vina, calabash, tambourine, ukelele, Hawaiian guitar, guitar, electric guitar, flamenco guitar, bass guitar, sitar, steel guitar, banjo, mandolin, lute, theorbo, viola, violin, fiddle*, violoncello, cello, bass viol, Xylophone, marimba, Glockenspiel (German), vibraharp, vibraphone, vibes*, cymbal, drum, accordian, concertina, zamar, tom-tom, magoudhi, balalaika, kokiri, samisen, cheng, siao, kin, che, koto, crowd, recorder, grand piano, concert piano, baby grand piano, upright piano, spinet, player piano, tuning fork, calliope, synthesizer, drums, cymbals, tambourine. See also drum , flute , horn 1 , organ , piano .
(Roget's 3 Superthesaurus) n.
woodwind, stringed instrument, percussive instrument, keyboard instrument, brass, *noisemaker.
keyboard instruments
accordion with button keyboard: concertina
automatic piano: player piano
bell-like soundmaker in ‘‘Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy’’: celesta
electronic sound recreator: synthesizer
organ, steam whistle: calliope
piano, full-sized: grand piano
piano, largest: concert piano
piano, predecessor: clavichord, harpsichord
piano, slang: *eighty-eights, *ivories
piano, small grand: baby grand
piano, space-saving: upright
plucked instead of struck by hammers: harpsichord
squeezebox, handheld: accordion, *squeezebox
wind or electric-generated keyboard: organ
percussion instruments
bell: campanella
block, wooden: wood block, clog box
Caribbean tinkling drum: steel drum
clackers, wooden stick: claves
clappers clicked rhythmically: castanets
cow’s bell: cowbell
crash, sizzlemaker: cymbal
Cuban drums played with fingers, hands: bongos
drum for rolls, flourishes, fills: tom-tom
hanging cymbal struck with mallet: gong
kettle drum: timpani
largest, booming drum: bass drum, *kick drum
rasping gourd: guiro
rat tat tat beatkeeper: snare drum
rattling skeleton-soundmaker: xylophone
seed-filled gourd: maraca
xylophonelike with resonant tubes: marimba
xylophonelike with steel bars: glockenspiel, bell lyre
stringed instruments
Appalachian lap instrument: dulcimer, zither
barrel organ: hurdy gurdy
bowed, quivering four-string: violin
country twanger: banjo
dulcimer struck with small hammers: hammered dulcimer
electric guitar, slang: *axe
guitar, hollow-bodied: acoustic
guitar, low-voiced four-string: bass
guitar, very small: ukelele
harplike: lyre
Hawaiian guitar with nasal tone: Hawaiian guitar
heavenly-sounding 46-string: harp
Japanese national instrument: koto
lute, East Indian long-necked: sitar
lute, small four string: mandolin
middle ages guitar: lute
rasper, husky: cello
violin, large, velvety or husky-sounding: viola
zither: dulcimer
wind instruments
Alps horn: alpenhorn
alto clarinet with upcurving bell: basset horn
bass tuba: helicon, sousaphone
brass instrument with three keys, flaring bell: trumpet
clarinet nickname: *licorice stick
clarion blasters: brass
cornet with wider bore: flugelhorn
double-reeded woodwind: oboe
elephant tusk horn: oliphant
English flute: recorder
flute, small: fife, piccolo
flute, whistlelike: recorder, flageolet, fipple flute
jazz woodwind: saxaphone
*licorice stick, reeded: clarinet
military horn: bugle, cornet
pan pipes: pan flute
potatolike whistle: ocarina
sad, comedic soundmaker: bassoon
Scottish skirling and droning windbag: bagpipes
slide horn: trombone
trumpet with high pitch: Bach trumpet
tuba, tenor: euphonium
wooden: woodwind

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